British Invasion Rock - Quiz

Posted by Record Vision on 6/2/2014 to did you know
Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock-N-RollVisit Record Vision on Geknowm!! Take the challenge and test your knowledge in our new “British Invasion Rock” Quiz. 

In music, the term "British Invasion" refers to a phenomenon in the mid-1960s, when British music groups were enormously popular in the United States. In this your knowledge of British Invasion rock music by bands such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

"Trio": An Album in the Works for Two Decades

Posted by Record Vision - Edward on 4/14/2014 to did you know
TrioLongtime friends and admirers of one another, Dolly PartonLinda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris first attempted to record an album together in the mid-70s, but scheduling conflicts and other difficulties (like each recording on different record labels) prevented any of their combined efforts from coming to fruition. Some aborted recording sessions did make it onto some solo recordings. For example, Parton and Ronstadt recorded a version of the traditional ballad I Never Will Marry, which appeared on Ronstadt's 1977 Simple Dreams album.

Did You Know? (Miami Vice)

Posted by Record Vision on 3/10/2014 to did you know
Miami Vice Did you know Miami Vice would spend $10,000 or more per episode to buy the rights to original recordings? An iconic scene from the Miami Vice pilot involves Crockett and Tubbs driving through Miami at night to the Phil Collins megahit song In the Air Tonight. Jan Hammer's title theme climbed to the top of the U.S. Billboard charts (and earned two Grammy Awards). Glenn Frey's You Belong to the City was also a hit single (#2 on Billboard's Hot 100).

Did You Know? (Sade)

Posted by Record Vision - Nichole on 2/10/2014 to did you know
Diamond Life 80s British R&B sensation, Sade (pronounced shah-day), is not a solo artist but a band. Often mistaken, the group is named for its sultry lead singer, Sade Adu. Sade made their big break with the internationally successful album, Diamond Life, in 1984. The band Sade, together for over two decades, have many international hits, but have only released six studio albums.

Did You Know? (Supertramp)

Posted by Record Vision (Edward) on 11/11/2013 to did you know
Crisis What CrisisBoth the title and the concept of the cover for Supertramp's Crisis? What Crisis? were conceived by member Rick Davies, as John Helliwell recounted: "It was Rick that came up with the name Crisis? What Crisis? and one day, when we were sitting around Scorpio Studio, he came in with this sketch of a guy in a deck chair under an umbrella with all this chaos going on around him."

Did You Know? (Aretha Franklin)

Posted by Record Vision (Edward) on 9/9/2013 to did you know
arethaThis Aretha Franklin album is noteworthy for the striking cover, which was Andy Warhol’s final work before his death in early 1987. The album also includes Aretha’s duet with George Michael  I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) which was a #1 single!

Did You Know? (Fine Young Cannibals)

Posted by Record Vision (Edward) on 8/12/2013 to fine young cannibals
The Raw and the CookedDid you ever wonder where the album title came from?

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